Not only do we know our music (don't forget, we're DJ's!), but we also know the dynamics and "rules", if you will, of different types of competition and non-competition music mixing.

Vocals & Voice-overs? We can do them.

Sound FX? We got tons of 'em.

New Songs? The newest available.

Clean versions? We can make almost any song clean.

Don't settle for just an average mix for your next competition or recital. Email us today at

Pre-Made Mixes!

Full, pre-made mixes are now available to sample and buy! Choreograph your Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Tap, Acro and Pom routines to fully-finished mixes!

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Custom Mixes

We can design a mix to your exact specifications! Even the most elaborate mixes are super affordable, and your possibilities are practically endless!

Nationwide Service!
A lot of our local clients visit our location and sit in on the production of their mix while it's being made but our service extends Nationwide! We have done countless mixes for people that we've never even met, thanks to the convenience of the internet! You'll get the same level of quality and same limitless creativity!

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