Transfer Your Old Records To CD!

Media Transfer
How great would it be to listen to your record the car? What if you could give your old 45's a "make-over" and not only combine them together on CD, but also take out the pops and skips?

If you have music that you need taken from one source and recorded on a CD or iPod to play in your car or at home, let us take the time and hassle out of the job for you. Plus, your old priceless record collection stays safe and unused. We can even eliminate most pops and skips from vinyl transfers so you can listen to them on CD without hearing the excessive wear and tear of damaged record grooves.

Any of these formats can be transferred to audio CD, data disc or iPod:

  • 33 or 45 rpm record
  • cassette tape
  • minidisc
  • VHS video tape
  • DVD

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Imaging & Recording
We are also well known for our studio production work, and have the means to do recording and editing for both commercial and personal projects.

Mobile DJ's
Get your voiceovers, sweepers, drops and more produced right here! Mobile DJ's and high school/college radio DJ's can sound just like the big guys with a little help from E-Class Entertainment.

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