PartyWood Squares!

The ultimate game show experience!

If you've ever wanted to be on a game show, but just couldn't find the time (lol), Partywood Squares just might tide you over until you retire.

Combining the likes of two popular TV game shows, plus an element of trivia, PWS is an interactive way to both entertain your guests, AND give away prizes at the same time! Best of all, you don't need anything but your own invite list to play the game, and the bigger the list, the more fun it is! We'll handle all the rest!

Three rounds of play--including a lightning round--and you can play for fun or play to win big prizes! You can play PWS with all ages and we offer a "teens only" version for kids parties.

We suggest having Partywood Squares by itself because of the length of the game, but you can add it to any DJ event.

Recommended events for this package:

  • Family Reunions

  • Fundraisers

  • Office Parties

  • Pubs